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Do you feel like you are NEVER going to make it as a developer?

Many times I have students that think they are never going to make it as a developer. Many people feel that because they cannot bust out an entire application from memory that they are phony and not a real developer.

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Editing Records and Updating Images with Entity Framework

Editing records using EF is very simple unless you're trying to update a file or photo in which you can get entity attachment errors. We can use the AsNoTracking() to solve this problem.

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Adding and Referencing Additional Data in the Identity AspNetUsers Table

Storing a user’s name or other personal information in the AspNetUsers table can be very useful. In this post I am going to show how to add FirstName and LastName columns to the AspNetUsers table and then pull that information out when a user signs in.

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Creating a YouTube application with ASP.NET MVC and the YouTube API

Creating an application using ASP.NET MVC to manage the videos that you want users to see without all the other stuff is pretty straight forward.

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GitHub: Custom Identity Management

I got tired of the hassle with IdentitySample and created my own alternative that will initialize the DB, add a default administrator and provide user and role management but without all the extra unnecessary file modifications.

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Software Error vs Exception – In Real World Examples

After 15+ years of software development, I still use the words error and exception interchangeably. But is there a difference between exceptions and errors? I think it is best to make the distinction with some examples of errors vs exceptions.

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